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Allen Woodruff

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In 1998 I got started in this hobby. I got my first shortwave receiver which was a DX-394 while tuning through the bands I came across something that sounded like it was under water. I turned on the SSB what I was hearing was the GHFS at Andrews Airforce base, I was hooked I wanted to hear more. so I bought a pro-2045 scanner that could tune into the VHF & UHF of the military. it was interesting to listen to military doing there jobs. I came across a book called monitoring the military. it had every listing of frequencies lot of military bases. in one section of the book it talked about listening to satcom and how to tune into them. I had my discone antenna up around 45ft in the air but it didn't do any good, I still could not hear them. I came across a website on how to build a satcom antenna that would provide alot of gain and bring in the signal from the satellites. so I built on and took me a few hours to build. I did my testing on it and it seem to work. so I connected it with a pre-amp and 35 feet of RG-8 cable hooked up to my radio. finding the satellites was a bit hard so I scan the sky from east to west and moving the antenna up and down, I found one of the satellites and now I hearing all sort of things, WOW!!.
Name: Allen Woodruff <fltsatcom@yahoo.com>

Location: United States